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Willow Singers is a group of adult amateur singers formed from a few people with a love of singing who met each other whilst enjoying coffee and cakes at The Willow Café in Central Park, Peterborough in early 2021. Ken Green was the driving force who encouraged and cajoled those early pioneers in his usual inimitable way! We all thank him for that.

Currently we fluctuate around 20 members, aged from their thirties to over eighty years, who come from a variety of singing genres but the single most important factor is that they all have a love for singing and recognise the many benefits to be had from that activity.

The group sing a wide variety of musical genres and, when not singing a cappella, accompaniment is provided by professionally recorded backing tracks or guitars. Whilst being amateur singers, in their approach to singing, the group aims to be as professional as possible to achieve the best experience for their audience.

As a support to the main singing group, all members are positively encouraged to sing solos, duets, trios, quartets, etc. to further advance their own personal knowledge of singing and performing in public.

The group meets between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm on a Monday morning at the bowls pavilion in Central Park, Peterborough by kind permission of the City Council whose support is invaluable and very much appreciated. After practice many of the members choose to have lunch at the nearby Willow café which provides a wonderful social aspect to the group.

The group will sing for charity and other events but that is not its only purpose. Singing for pleasure, to the very best of an individual's own ability, most certainly is the primary purpose.

Like to give us a try? Just come along on a Monday morning and have a listen and a chat. We don't formally audition and music reading is not necessary as learning tracks are provided for all parts.

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