Movers & Shakers

Concert Performance December 2023 05

We are a relatively small singing group which means we don't have a need for a committee like some larger organisations. Every member has an opportunity to voice their thoughts and opinions to help formulate decisions on what we do, where we do it and when we do it. However, of necessity, there are some [non-elected] members who often 'do' a bit more than others and these are worthy of mention here.

Tony FTony - who bombards everyone with emails, bits of paper and a [loud] voice! With others in the group, he usually liaises with event organisers. He also sings Bass/Baritone



Angela PAngela - is our website administrator who, in addition, looks after and maintains our guest music folders. A seemingly simple task that often proves not to be so simple!  She mostly sings Soprano but can and does sing Alto if required.



David PDavid - who, as our musical director, is responsible for waving his arms about, music acquisition, the provision of learning tracks, teaching us how to sing [his way!] and generally for blending us into a unified, singing ensemble. He might also pick up his guitar to accompany us on some songs. He also attempts to sing Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone and Bass at the written pitch with varying degrees of success!!